Corporate Support

Your people are your greatest assets. 360NOURISH provides individual and group support to improve your company’s performance and competitive edge by enhancing the vitality of your people.


Individual Support

By focusing on the wellbeing of your MVPs, you create a massive shift within your company's culture. We invite you to be innovative and ahead of the curve with our 360 MVP coaching packages that are sure to make a significant impact in a short amount of time.



Team Support

Team support programs, like our interactive 360 Vitality Foundation, designed to enhance the performance within teams by focusing on the individual.


360 Vitality Foundation

Proprietary Online Coaching Program

Topics: The Need, The 3 Main Causes of Dysfunction, VITAL4 Life Model

Live Virtual Q&A Group Coaching Sessions

Supportive Wellbeing Coaching Guides

Smart Device Application Access


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"Our Board members (me included) are far from speaking as experts on the topic of wellbeing and self-care, but the knowledge we are gaining from the 360NOURISH program has sparked a rapidly increasing level of shared testimonies regarding the positive impacts of our own self-care evaluations. "

Sheila Simmons
Human Resources

"I’ve personally loved participating in the 360NOURISH program. I’ve personally been focusing on bettering myself holistically over the past couple of months and it has made a very positive impact on how I show up as a leader, employee (husband, dad etc.) and just a person in general. "

360NOURISH Corporate Program Participant

"From the simple sheets on breathing, water, foods, to the more in-depth coaching, books, presentations, it all has been very helpful. I also appreciate the informality of the experience. There wasn’t a level of pressure or compliance to participate, but purely a choice by myself on what I wanted to get out of the program. "

360NOURISH Corporate Program Participant

"I’ve really enjoyed the 360NOURISH program! My biggest takeaways have been the community calls and dialogue, daily app reminders to drink water, etc.; and the overall mindfulness to breathe, change one habit, etc. I am very thankful to have even the platform to put focus on self-care and vitality. "

360NOURISH Corporate Program Participant

"The 360 Nourish program has been a great self-awareness program/tool for me. As an office we were able to roll out information around the program, but more from an informative perspective. I think that it’s great to have people aware, but it’s better to lead by example and just share my experience of what has worked well for me so far. "

360NOURISH Corporate Program Participant

"360NOURISH has brought to attention some areas that needed work. I have seen some great physical results from the program, but now need to work on the mental. That is probably what the program is helping me the most realize and where I see the biggest gap for people in our company. "

360NOURISH Corporate Program Participant

"The 360NOURISH program has been a great guide to effectively looking at wellness and also implementing it not only physically but mentally."

360NOURISH Corporate Program Participant

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