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360 Vitality

Our signature and most sought after wellbeing program just got a whole lot easier AND cheaper to access with options for everyone!

360 Vitality BASIC


90 Day Program

Proprietary Online Coaching Program

Topics: The Need, The 3 Main Causes of Dysfunction, VITAL4 Life Model

Supportive Wellbeing Coaching Guides

Smart Device Application Access

VITAL4 Lifestyle Assessments

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360 Vitality REFLECTION


Includes ALL of 360 Vitality Basic PLUS

* Vitality Reflection Test Kit

Typically when we measure something we pay more attention to what we are measuring. 

Vitality Reflection utilizes two simple home lab tests to assess metabolic markers that reflect your lifestyle. 

Easy to do and the results will inspire immediate action that is right for YOU!

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360 Vitality FAST


Includes ALL of 360 Vitality Basic PLUS

* ProLon 5-Day Fasting Kit

Fat focused weight loss, detoxification, cellular renewal, enhanced energy and mental clarity in just 5 days.

Designed for busy people, ProLon works from anywhere and gets you all the health benefits of 5-day fasting.

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Individual support to match your energy to your potential

 We want you to feel your best, perform your best, and be your best, so you can live your life as healthy and vital as possible!

Our work at 360NOURISH is aimed to match your energy to your potential. 

 Challenges of modern living and daily lifestyle decisions impact our health in major ways.

You may be experiencing symptoms depleting you of your energy and robbing you of your vitality (which we find completely unacceptable)!

We refer to this as metabolic dysfunction and here's the thing...

Although annoying symptoms, such as weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, etc, are very common these days... they are NOT normal.

360NOURISH is here to help you re-gain your vitality and live up to your full potential.

It's time for you, so jump in, let's get started, and NOURISH yourself!

 Don't know where to start? We understand!

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7 Healthy Habits to live a VITAL, HAPPY Life!

In this offer, you will receive the 7 habit hacks to jumpstart your life immediately. Easy to implement and super impactful habits that are a sure way to be a healthier, happier YOU!

Join the FREE 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge!

You won't want to miss out on this exclusive offer! Our FREE 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge to jumpstart your life!

"Throughout my life I felt I was decently healthy and in good shape but as I got older, less active, and traveled a lot more I started to notice some changes and severe pain in my body. I dismissed this as a temporary issue and the problems would come back time and time again. Problems primarily with digestion, joints, mood and concentration. It wasn't until I was sidelined and couldn't walk at the age of 37 that I decided to do something. I was introduced to Dana and Gina for a complete body & mind evaluation and subsequent plan to get my body and mind right. I am now free of digestion issues, joint pain, and feel more energized to tackle life and be a better Husband, Father, and Professional. "

Parke Jacquay
Director, Strategic Sales

"I've worked with Gina for 2 years and it has been life changing. The work I put in my first year had set me up for this. I now had some of the basics down and my perspective had shifted. I was forgiving myself, I was accepting myself and most importantly, I was loving myself. I was getting into morning and night routines and I was now eating to nourish my body and not for the weight loss. Gina helped me connect the dots to many life events and how it had shaped me, but she taught me how to rewrite my stories I had made up over the years. This has brought an immense amount of control in my life because I live intentionally and mindfully. I’m mindful about my thoughts, my words, my food, my habits and behaviors and this has translated into becoming the best version of myself. Today I am down 95 pounds from my highest weight, but this is nothing compared to the weight that’s been lifted from all the years of self-sabotage. Without the work that Gina has put in to me, I would not be where I am today. I truly feel like this is the support I’ve needed. This has been the perfect combination to guide me and lead me in a way that no one else would ever be able to do and for that I am forever grateful!"

Julianna Yancey
Practice Lead

"For the first time in a very long time I feel Great! No more bloating, no more digestion issues, no more headaches or random rashes on my body. Gina and Dana took the time to listen and coach. I knew I didn’t feel well for years, but I just learned to live with discomfort. My energy was depleted, and I was almost accepting my new life with Complex Migraines. Gina and Dana taught me that I didn’t have to live this way, that it wasn’t normal, and more importantly, that I could do something about it. I have made changes in my life that have benefited me and those I love for the better. Thank you Gina and Dana "

Elizabeth Carner, MSW
ELD Specialist

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7 Healthy Habits to live a VITAL, HAPPY Life!

In this offer, you will receive the 7 habit hacks to jumpstart your life immediately. Easy to implement and super impactful habits that are a sure way to be a healthier, happier YOU!