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We think we know why you are here… to reclaim your vitality.

vitality:  exuberant physical strength and mental vigor

360 Vitality REFLECTION is just that… a reflection of your lifestyle based on metabolic markers that impact your vitality.  

Powered by the OmegaQuant and the BioHealth Metabolic Profile home test kits, the data from these convenient lab tests will help you reclaim your vitality.

Included with 360 Vitality REFLECTION is a 30-minute lab interpretation phone appointment, so we will help you to understand and apply this valuable information into your daily life.


Let us tell you a bit about the OmegaQuant test. 

With a simple finger prick blood sample we can assess omega-3 deficiencies, your omega-3 to omega-6 balance, as well as the status of other unhealthy fats.

Fats and oils are part of a healthy diet and play many important roles in the body.

Omega-3 fats are essential for a variety of metabolic functions that impact your cell receptors, muscle activity, mental cognition, immune response and cardiovascular health.

While omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect, the over abundance and intake of omega-6 fats prevalent today can be inflammatory. 

An imbalance of omega-3 to omega-6 fats is a hallmark of chronic low-grade inflammation and many chronic health issues including obesity, mood disorders, diabetes and heart disease.

When taken in summary, the OmegaQuant test reflects your nutritional status and the impact of your daily eating habits… and your vitality.

The BioHealth Metabolic Profile looks at some of the most fundamental systems.

This profile provides valuable data to help guide you in the management and prevention of disorders related to chronic stress. 

It measures common sources of metabolic dysfunction that impact your vitality.


The BioHealth Metabolic Profile requires a simple at home urine specimen collection of three  key markers… Indican, Bile Acids and Lipid Peroxides.

Indican is a byproduct of bacterial metabolic action in the stomach and can provide you with clues as to how you are digesting your food and your general gut integrity.

Bile Acids are produced by the liver and aid in many metabolic actions including digestion, and provide information relative to liver function and detoxification.

Oxidative Stress can result from nutrient deficiency, the exposure to toxins or pathogens, or inappropriate lifestyle actions that encourage chronic stress and metabolic dysfunction.

Poor digestion, poor detoxification and oxidative stress are markers of impacted vitality.

Also included with Vitality REFLECTION is our signature 360 Vitality Program:


Online 360 Vitality coaching presentations

  The Need… overview of what is impacting your health and vitality.

  Nutrient Deficiency… impacted by the quality of your food and digestion process.

  Toxic Burden… exposure to toxic chemicals can and will impact your health.

  Stress Response… hormonal and metabolic implications of chronic stress are real.


Supportive coaching guides

  PDF Documents… includes Authentic Eating, Toxic Avoidance, Stress Support, VITAL4 Life Model.

  Take Action… action oriented guides that compliment your coaching presentations.


VITAL4 online assessments

  VITAL4 Check… assess the impact of modern living and reset your vitality.  

  Online Assessment… simple tool to help you target your VITAL4 goals and effort.

  Track Effort… access your VITAL4 assessments to look for vitality action trends.


Smart device access

  Online Portal… provides easy access to all your 360 Vitality valued content.


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