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vitality:  exuberant physical strength and mental vigor


The 360 Vitality BASIC program forms the foundation of our vitality enhancement work.

Take advantage of this cutting-edge program to improve YOUR vitality… it’s an easy investment.

Your 90-day proprietary program includes:

Online coaching presentations

  The Need… overview of what is impacting your health and vitality.

  Nutrient Deficiency… impacted by the quality of your food and digestion process.

  Toxic Burden… exposure to toxic chemicals can and will impact your health.

  Stress Response… hormonal and metabolic implications of chronic stress are real.


Supportive coaching guides

  PDF Documents… includes Authentic Eating, Toxic Avoidance, Stress Support, VITAL4 Life Model.

  Take Action… action oriented guides that compliment your coaching presentations.


VITAL4 online assessments

  VITAL4 Lifestyle Assessment… assess the impact of modern living and reset your vitality.  

  Online Assessment… simple tool to help you target your VITAL4 goals and effort.

  Track Effort… access your VITAL4 assessments to look for vitality action trends.


Smart device access

  Online Portal… provides easy access to all your 360 Vitality valued content.

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